You make money when you buy, not when you sell


You have to get pre-qualified these days. It has gotten where most good REALTORS wont even show you a home unless you are. Let me blunt FINANCING a Home these days is not easy. But there are lots of options depending on your circumstance.

Mark Zihmer

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"I have known Mark for at least 10 years, having a local lender is crucial to any transaction. He does my personal loans" Mike Rivera, Broker

Choosing a Lender?

It is always you as the buyer that has a choice of who you pick to do your financing.....However

How many loans have you gotten?

I personally have gotten close to 20 myself and have been involved with helping my clients get 100's. 

Some points to consider:

  • Avoid using your bank unless you are very strong financially and your getting a preferred loan

  • Never use Out of Town Companies, ie, Quicken, Lending Tree-They strictly operate by the book with limited flexibility and you are just a small piece of their business

  • Compare loans apples to apples