Listing My Home For Sale

Who are you going to trust with what is probably your biggest asset?

Before the listing?

Free Home Valuation

They say Selling your home can be a very stressful time! Even over the years I have actually only Sold two homes that I lived in

at the time. I know it can be strange having Strangers come thru your home judging

you on your decorating taste, house

cleaning, layout of home or condition of the yard. 

Some of the things I provide:

  • A pre-walk thru

  • Maximize your property and value

  • An estimated cost breakdown

  • A pre-appraisal breakdown

  • An understanding of your timeline and WHY?

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How good is your agent after a contract?

Unfortunately the reality is you don't know if you have hired the right agent until after you get a contract?

  • How well does that agent understand our contracts?

  • How good are they at negotiating?

  • What about an appraisal problem?

  • Are they only looking at their fee or they considerate for you on bottom line,  repairs, moving date, moving to...

  • Do they understand buyers financing?  

Why selling your home or listing it with a Buy Back program may be bad idea?

For most of us, selling our home is our biggest asset. Large Corporations and Investors that have invaded our market over the last 6-8 years will gladly buy your home...for their price, not market price.

  • Large corporations pay approximately 20 % off market but have exorbitant fees

  • Investors objective is to pay 40% off market based on repairs or upgrades. 

  • Real Estate companies or Buy back programs do that based on a price also approximately 20% below market plus you'll still have fees.​

With the listing inventory so low, most sellers that sell to the above loose as much as 20-35%.  On a $275,000 home thats $55-$80,000.00 dollars

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